Priority Paralysis, Get Thee Behind Me!

images-2Writing the intro post for my blog was fairly easy — it didn’t require a lot of decisions.  Now, here it is time for me to write my first real post and I’m gripped by priority paralysis.  What should the topic be?  I have quite a backlog of ideas that I want to explore.  Which one should I start with?  Does the first post get short shrift because, maybe, later on, I’ll have a much bigger audience? Or is it important for the first post to be a blockbuster? Why am I even doing this at all?  I could be exercising or cleaning my house, or volunteering in a soup kitchen.  Now, I’m wondering how many people’s second blog post is just this sort of self-doubting, self-referential meandering.  It also occurs to me that the wide scope of my chosen subject matter is making things worse.  If this were a new blog about, say, mowing lawns, I suppose it would still be tough to settle on my first topic, but since the theme of this blog is “the thoughts of Greg Dember” which could be anything, then we can multiply the anxiety that would theoretically attend ramping up a lawnmower blog by, approximately, INFINITY.

I can indeed say that a lot of the future material in this blog will have to do with psychology and the variety of mental states that humans experience.  So, what is the deeper layer underneath priority paralysis?  One might speculate that it is depression – an inability to feel passionate about the potential in any one of a myriad of options that are available.  But a manic state could also lead to a kind of priority paralysis — a rapid switching of focus that in the end leaves a creative person in the same place they started.  Or priority paralysis could be the result of a schizophrenic-like inability to filter out irrelevant stimuli.  Ha. <<—-  That’s me laughing at myself. I really am just rambling now.

OK, here are some topics that I hope to cover, soon.  Which one goes first will be the surprise.

1. Sociopaths! Why they exist, why they are cool sometimes, why they are dangerous often, what we can learn from them.  Probably worthy of multiple installments.
2. Generations.  As in Boomer, GenX, Y, etc…
3. The theology of virtual reality (for my friend Hayden)
4. My Theory of the Symbiotic Mind (multiple installments for sure)
5. My own urgency about having my creativity witnessed
6. Probably lots of cross-posting from the Metamodernist blog
7. Why I think Jimmy Page was the greatest musical genius, across all genres, of the twentieth century
8. etc…
9. etc…

Hi. I’m Greg.

When I was in high school, I had a few friends who lovingly teased me by coining a term for my oft-offered insights, theories and words of wisdom.  They called them “Demberisms.”  At the time, I would feign a certain bemused irritation each time I heard the expression, but, of course, I was secretly flattered that that they were making note of my speculations.

Many years later, I don’t get teased for my ponderous musings so much.  More likely, from one supportive friend in particular, I get “when are you going to start writing some of this stuff down?”  She urged me to create some kind of a structure for expressing my thoughts so, finally, here it is.  My prediction is that most of it will be arm-chair sociology, social psychology and cultural criticism, and maybe some journal-style sharings of the excitements and frustrations of someone striving to have his voice heard in a loud world. Hopefully, I’ll be funny sometimes.

It should be noted that I have a few other online outlets, but this one will serve the purpose of providing an outlet for frequent, unlabored blurtings that don’t require justification of fitting into a category, and can be as long or short or indulgent as I want.

My other online efforts:   —  an online magazine using “art” as a jumping off point to ask the question “What’s it like to be…  ?”  —  a fast and loose Tumblr blog for Artocratic, where we give teasers from the magazine, and repost stuff by other people that we think is cool.  — a joint effort between Linda Ceriello (my Artoctratic co-editor) and me to document examples of MetaModernism. —  the online home for my singer-songwriter self

And you can find me pretty easily on Facebook, as well as FB pages for all the entitites mentioned above.