Hi. I’m Greg.

When I was in high school, I had a few friends who lovingly teased me by coining a term for my oft-offered insights, theories and words of wisdom.  They called them “Demberisms.”  At the time, I would feign a certain bemused irritation each time I heard the expression, but, of course, I was secretly flattered that that they were making note of my speculations.

Many years later, I don’t get teased for my ponderous musings so much.  More likely, from one supportive friend in particular, I get “when are you going to start writing some of this stuff down?”  She urged me to create some kind of a structure for expressing my thoughts so, finally, here it is.  My prediction is that most of it will be arm-chair sociology, social psychology and cultural criticism, and maybe some journal-style sharings of the excitements and frustrations of someone striving to have his voice heard in a loud world. Hopefully, I’ll be funny sometimes.

It should be noted that I have a few other online outlets, but this one will serve the purpose of providing an outlet for frequent, unlabored blurtings that don’t require justification of fitting into a category, and can be as long or short or indulgent as I want.

My other online efforts:
http://www.artocratic.com   —  an online magazine using “art” as a jumping off point to ask the question “What’s it like to be…  ?”
http://artocratic.tumblr.com  —  a fast and loose Tumblr blog for Artocratic, where we give teasers from the magazine, and repost stuff by other people that we think is cool.

http://whatismetamodern.com  — a joint effort between Linda Ceriello (my Artoctratic co-editor) and me to document examples of MetaModernism.

http://gregdembermusic.com —  the online home for my singer-songwriter self

And you can find me pretty easily on Facebook, as well as FB pages for all the entitites mentioned above.


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  1. My Thoughts About Sociopaths, Part One | Demberisms

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