About Greg Dember

I live in Seattle and sometimes on Vashon Island, WA.

I cowrite What Is Metamodern? with Linda Ceriello, and we are also the editors of Artocratic, which is currently in “just kinda hanging” out mode. And I have a page for my music.

I started this WordPress blog as a place to write about my miscellaneous observations and theories. My mind seems to spend a lot of time trying to understand things in the realms of – roughly – sociology,  social psychology, anthropology, aesthetics, information theory, and systems theory.  So this is supposed to be the home for those sorts of musings. I have to admit I haven’t been very regular about it. Furthermore, it seems to be the case these days that articles published on Medium get more of an audience. So my plan is to start publishing new Demberisms-type writing on Medium first, and then reposting here, plus, also put more personal bloggy/journally stuff here.


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